It's all relative!
Wrote a little bit about relative units in CSS—not my most complex topic ever but an important thing to understand nonetheless, mainly expanding on explaining to a friend not long ago.

I am starting to script the next Here is your reminder to subscribe.

@wouter 🙏 Thank you for catching that! Great points on aria-sort too—having done a little bit more reading, I'm quite certain I'm *not* using it properly. I'll let you know if I find anything that suits our use case!

I made a list of cool things people do with their blogs:
Hopefully it'll inspire some.
More suggestions welcome!

@wouter Hey, I've done a little updating to my little librarian script and thought I'd ping you my research. It now makes use of the `aria-sort` attribute on the buttons, and I'm definitely not using it correctly but I'll be continuing to work on things in hopes of mirroring what's going on here:

@wouter That's right, it uses a bit of custom JS that I'd like to review to be more generic at some point, but in any case, feel free to use and modify as you please:

@wouter Looks fantastic pal! Love the icons for your ratings!

I love reading and learning about new browser features—h/t for I was recently inspired to build something to track features important to me that was easy to use, understand, and maintain.
No more fanfare, here it is:

@aaronpk I love the transitioning checkin map on your homepage—it was a delight to discover!

@binyamin Great questions and insights at the 11ty meetup! Nice to see another familiar name 😁

@celia This definitely got me thinking about my routines and lack thereof.

I feel like I'm typically reactive rather than proactive in planning, and I'd like to change that, but it also feels really unnatural to me.

Sometimes I'll notice that I'm not juggling as well as I think I am, so I'll try to set up organisation and routines to reduce my mental overhead, but I always come out the other side of the tunnel *not* having formed the habit, doomed to repeat it next time I get overwhelmed. 🤷

@binyamin I’ve got a (not so great) bit of PHP that I wrote over time based on Jeremy Keith's "Minimal micropub endpoint" ( In short, it parses my inputs, builds a big string of front matter and markdown and pumps it into a file with the GitHub API, and then I typically use by @keithjgrant to publish bookmarks, likes, and notes. I'd love to rebuild it all this year, and I'll likely take a lot of inspiration from again!

New year, new logo
Celebrating hitting some personal milestones with a refresh to the ethereal Raven.

I used pentatonic ( to make my website navigation sing! Fortunately for everyone else, it’s silent-by-default 😆 (but you can enable sounds in the footer if you’d like)

@wouter Many thanks! 🙂 Actually, it did not go smoothly at all! A lot of fumbling around, chasing error messages and re-doing things, but I feel like I've learned some stuff after all of it, which is nice.

Obligatory "Hello world!" from my now self-hosted home on the fediverse (before I go silent for a while again 😁)


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